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Quantity Description Price
15ounce Steak Sauce bottle $4.25
Case of Steak Sauce bottles(12) $45.00
Gallon of Steak Sauce $30.00
Case of Steak Sauce gallons(4) $110.00
5 gallon container of Steak Sauce $135.00
15oz Andrias Salad Dressing bottle $3.00
Case of Andrias Salad Dressing bottles(12) $30.50
Andria's Cap $12.00
Sleeve of Golf Balls(3) $6.00
Tee-Shirt $10.00
Wind Shirt $50.00
Ladies Golf Shirt 100%cotton $34.50
Mens Golf Shirt 100%cotton black salt and pepper $39.00
Mens Golf Shirt 100%cotton brown and white $34.50
Denim Long Sleeve Shirt $42.50
Denim Long Sleeve Shirt Extra Large $45.00

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